Rep. McHenry shares patriotism with kindergartners

By Elizabeth Heffner – Lincoln Times News
November 6, 2013

While many residents of Lincoln County stopped by the voting polls Tuesday, one group of kindergarteners learned the importance of patriotism. The Lincolnton Campus kindergarteners of Lincoln Charter School spent their afternoon with Congressman Patrick McHenry and State Representative Jason Saine.

McHenry began his visit by talking to the children about the importance of making good choices.

“If you make good choices, you can get a good education,” McHenry said. “And if you get a good education, you could be a state representative, United States representative, or even the President of the United States.”

He further explained his point with the example of how wearing shorts during the winter season is a bad decision.

“If you make good decisions, you can make more decisions,” he said.

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