Letter: Supporting Rep. Patrick McHenry

To the editor:

Pro-abortion Gina Collias is attempting to use the Republican primaries to unseat pro-life Republican Leader Congressman Patrick McHenry. A speaker at the “Woman’s March” in Asheville, Gina Collias began her remarks by screaming, “I am a pro-choice feminist!” She ended by introducing the speaker from Planned Parenthood. The rest of her speech was a collection of Democratic party talking points. Her billboards are calling for “unaffiliated” voters to vote in the Republican primary! Why? Because she cannot defeat Congressman Patrick McHenry unless she gets more non-Republicans than Republicans to vote in the primary. Early voting has begun. Congressman Patrick McHenry has a 100 percent pro-life rating from National Right to Life. Pro-life voters must vote now for Congressman Patrick McHenry.

Kerri Davison

Published in the print version of The Daily Courier on Tuesday, April 24th 2018.