Letter: We Must Re-Elect Patrick McHenry For Congress

Right now in America the traditional values that this nation was founded on are under attack from radical liberals. That’s why I support Patrick McHenry for Congress, he has a long and proven track record of standing up for what is morally right.

A Christian, Congressman McHenry recognizes that life begins at conception, and has taken a clear stance against controversial practices like stem-cell research and abortion. He is a strong opponent of Planned Parenthood, and has voted to end federal funding for any clinic that performs abortions. Most recently, he helped pass the Conscience Protection Act, which would allow doctors and hospitals to object to performing abortions based on their religious faith.

Examples such as these are why Congressman McHenry has received “A” ratings from organizations like the Family Research Council and the Christian Coalition for America, as well as a perfect score from the National Right to Life Committee.

We must re-elect Patrick McHenry for Congress because we need leaders who legislate on principle. We need leaders who stand against the progressive politics of the left, while continuing to stand firmly for the traditional values that this nation was founded on.

Anthony Johnson

Newton, N.C.

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