Letter: Backs McHenry in bid for re-election

I support Patrick McHenry in his re-election bid for Congress because he understands that repairing a broken economy is one of the biggest challenges that America faces today. More importantly, he understands that it is not large corporations, but small businesses, that hold the key to rejuvenating local economies and restoring the middle class.

That’s why as vice chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, Congressman McHenry recently co-sponsored two bills passed with bipartisan support that would allow more Americans to gain easier access to funding so that they can start their own business.

But Congressman McHenry also realizes that every small business must be given a fair shot to compete if we are to have a true free-market economy, and that’s why he has fought to put an end to the era of overregulation.

In sum, that is why I hope you will join me in voting to re-elect Patrick McHenry for Congress this November.

Patsy Wright Gardin, Asheville

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