Times are tough for the middle class. Unemployment is still too high, especially for those without a college degree. And for those who have jobs, wages aren’t increasing.  High taxes, high-energy prices, and the high cost of goods are squeezing workers.

Patrick was one of the primary authors of the JOBS Act, bipartisan legislation signed into law by the president.  His bill opens new sources of funding to small businesses who want to grow and hire new workers.

Bad trade agreements have hurt Western North Carolina.  That’s why Patrick has fought against every bad trade deal since he was first elected.  He defied his party by voting no on CAFTA.  Now he’s fighting against an influx of Asian textile imports that threaten the remaining mills.

The federal government has 47 federal job-training programs, many of which are duplicative and wasteful.  Patrick proposes turning those programs over to the individual states, which can do a much better job tailoring these programs to the needs of our local residents.