Another voicing support for McHenry

Another voicing support for McHenry

To the editor:

I urge all pro-life Republicans and independents of US District 10 to vote for incumbent Patrick McHenry in the May 8 primary. Better yet, vote for Congressman McHenry now, since early voting is open. Because this seat has historically been held by a Republican, this primary will decide the election, and there is a wolf in sheep’s clothing among the contenders.

Gina Collias, has proclaimed loudly that she is pro-abortion including at a Gaston County Republican Women’s Candidate Forum on April 19. Patrick McHenry best represents the values of the 10th US District. Don’t be fooled, vote for Patrick McHenry.

Linda Mooney
Clover, South Carolina

Published in the print version of The Daily Courier on Tuesday, April 24th 2018.